Green Goddess of Guidance & Healing

Private Sessions via Encrypted Zoom

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Dawn comes from a long ancestral lineage of Scottish-Irish-Cherokee Intuitives, Healing Psychics & Mediums. On the other side of her family, her Great Grandmother was an Armenian-Hungarian Seer. These gifts have been passed down to Dawn allowing her to communicate within multiple realms of spirit...angels, spirit guides and passed love ones. In her childhood she would often dream of things that would come true and see people that others could not.  She uses her divine channeled guidance healing gift from Arch Angel Metatron to perform multidimensional healing helping individuals to create, transform, be inspired, grow in abundance, heal, and connect on multiple levels as well as empowering them to step into their own 'Divine Identity'.Over the years she began to tune more deeply into both her spiritual and psychic gifts by becoming an ordained minister, certified Reiki energy healer, certified ho'oponopono therapist, frequency and sound healing practitioner, massage therapist and a practitioner of emotional release bodywork.

She is also known as 'Medicine Woman' due to her knowledge - ancestral in origin - regarding natural herbs and shamanic plant medicine ceremonies.